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AdLedger is a Blockchain based protocol replacing ad networks with smart contracts.
ONLINE advertising

AdLedger is an Ethereum-based system to disrupt online advertising. It allows advertisers to enter their budget into a smart contract, where they will be matched with with publishers with relevant content. We have proven fraud-prevention technology, and algorithms to target ads based on context, geolocation, time, etc.


Essentially, we replace ad networks with smart contracts. This provides greater transparency, verifiability, and much lower fees. We estimate that we can slash the fee from 60% to 5%, making our technology more appealing both for advertisers and publishers.

About $230 billion will be spent on online ads this year. This money should represent business people communicating with their audience, but, in fact, most of it is squandered on market inefficiencies.
Ad Fraud is blossoming
It is estimated that $8 billion per year is lost to ad fraud; advertisers are spending $8 billion to have their ads viewed by bots.
Middlemen are thriving
Ad networks like Facebook and Google keep about 60% of what the advertiser spends.
Advertisers are suffering
The advertiser pays 60% of ad budget to use the network’s proprietary data, and has no idea of what exactly is being bought. Meanwhile, bloggers or youtubers monetizing their content with ads get only a small slice of pie.
Direct blockchain connections between advertisers and publishers. the blockchain is a revolutionary technology to create direct, peer-to-peer, economic connections with fully transparent data. adledger is applying the blockchain to fix online advertising.
Facilitate the access to
Anti-Fraud software
Our fraud-prevention approach enables advertisers to pay only when real people view their ads.
Simplify the online advertising process
Using open-source smart contracts is a win-win for advertisers and publishers; advertisers pay less for their ads, and publishers get paid for their content more.
Make online advertising transparent
Information about AdLedger contracts is visible on the public blockchain. This means advertisers can see what exactly they are paying for ..
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